General Contractor


Clients seeking the General Contractor have decided to directly contract the design team to produce a set of comprehensive construction plans and specifications which will serve as the road map for competitive pricing. Under this format, price alone is usually the criteria used for the selection of the General Contractor.


Our Clients often acknowledge that price alone may not be the correct metric for selecting the General Contractor and prefer to enter into a negotiation where a fixed price and completion schedule are agreed upon and thus bi-pass the low bid approach that is often misleading and ineffective.


This approach of early alignment with our Client allows us a greater opportunity to be a positive force early in the projects life cycle and fosters a better collaborative spirit with the design team as well. Clients also interested in our Pre-Construction Services will see that the benefits of smart planning during the design phase will significantly reduce construction delays and change orders thus reducing overall project cost.




" I highly recommend Beacon, they have performed various projects
for us and have always been professional and reliable in meeting their
commitments to Shamrock "


Carlos Z. Chuman CEO/Developer of Shamrock Properties