Construction Management


Clients preferring to retain us as the Construction Manager, benefit from a more transparent relationship and have greater access and input into matters regarding project costs, schedule and subcontractor/vendor selection.


This is possible given Beacon will enter into an agreement with Client where Beacon is “at risk” under the agreement for completing the project under a set dollar amount usually referred to as the “not to exceed amount” or guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contract. During construction, any savings earned under this approach will generally be shared with Client as mutually agreed.


Beacon may also serve as the Construction Manager in the capacity of “agent” to the Client. Under this scenario, Beacon is not “at risk” with respect to construction costs, completion schedules and execution of contracts, however, it will act to defend the Client’s interests for the complete or selective portions of the project by providing competent advice and management resources.


Usually all savings gained will accrue in favor of the Client as well as a lower fee to Beacon.